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Classes are taught by qualified teachers, who have a passion for learning, teaching and children.

With a strong emphasis on academics, Christ-Mar School appropriately challenges the students at each level. We offer a range of academic coursework including advanced programs, yet we have resources to provide individualized attention and work through areas of weakness.

We are committed to helping children develop into well-rounded individuals, and while academics are a major focus, academic pursuits must be balanced with the many other facets of child development if we are to meet our ultimate goal of guiding children to grow into secure and confident individuals.


Whether it is aimed at 3 year olds or middle school students, Christ-Mar School curriculum is designed to meet and exceed all Florida state and national standards guidelines.  Our curriculum is both challenging and exciting. It is continually modified to reflect advances in curriculum development and to better promote scholastic achievement for our students. We integrate various teaching methods into a traditional, broad-based curriculum with a multi-modal approach and focus not only on fundamentals but also on higher level thinking skills.